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15th Anniversary STAFF

20th Anniversary STAFF

3-D Eagle on Top of a Flag Guitar 2015

3-D Embassy of Rock 2017 silver

3-D Flag Headstock 2015 Lincoln Memorial

3-D Flag Headstock 2015 Washington Monument

3-D Flag Headstock 2015 White House

3-D Map Series 2017

3-D Veteran 2015

30th Anniversary HRC 2001 CD Set

30th Anniversary HRC 2001 Guitar Puzzle

30th Anniversary HRC 2001 HARD ROCK CAFE

30th Anniversary STAFF

32nd Anniversary PROTOTYPE

4th of July 2009

5th Anniversary

Air Force One 2011

Core Country Flag Guitar Series 2017

Desert Storm 1991-2016 Fighter Jets

Desert Storm 1991-2016 Soldier

Desert Storm 1991-2016 Soldiers

Desert Storm 1991-2016 Tank

Eagle and Flag Guitar 2002

Eagle Guitars 2012

Eagle Rock 2013

Embassy of Rock with US HRC Flags 2009

Embassy of Rock with US HRC Flags 2011

Embassy of Rock with US HRC Flags 2012

Embassy of Rock with US HRC Flags 2013

Embassy of Rock with US HRC Flags 2014

Endangered Species 2008 Eagle

Endangered Species 2008 Panda

Endangered Species 2008 Tiger

Facade Guitar 2004

Floyd‘s 150 Visit 2013

Floyd’s 200 Visit 2016

Floyd’s Pandapalooza 2009

Floyd’s Pandapalooza 2010

Floyd’s Pandapalooza 2011 Astronaut

Floyd’s Pandapalooza 2011 Crosssed Guitars

Floyd’s Pandapalooza 2015 Return of the Pandas

Football Skull 2015

Greetings from 2004

Memorial Day Guitar 2008

Opening STAFF

Patriotic Butterfly Guitar 2012

Patriotic Guitar 2012

Peace Guitar 2007

Peggy and Don 2013 150th Panda and Bear

Pinapalooza 2007 Air Force

Pinapalooza 2009 Skull with US Flag

Presidential Inauduration Set 2013

Stars and Stripes Guitar 2007

Stars and Stripes Guitar Case 2008

State Flag Guitar Series 2005

Street Sign Series 2017

Surfin‘ Skeleton 2009

Taxi Car Set

US Flag with 5 Guitar Necks 2012

White House 2016 Flag wih Jets

YMCA Series 2002